Survey of AI ethics in business literature

I am thrilled to announce that my latest article on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence in the field of business has been officially published! It has been accepted by the Frontiers in Psychology journal, a reputable publication with a 1st Quartile ranking and JCR impact factor of 4232.

In this research piece, “A survey of AI ethics in business literature: Maps and trends between 2000 and 2021”, my coauthor Usochi Ilozumba and I conducted a literature review to map the current state of the art and identify the trends and key ethical concerns surrounding the use of Artificial Intelligence in business.

According to our new study, the Journal of Business Ethics is the most influential, productive, and comprehensive journal in the field of AI ethics in business. The study finds that it consistently publishes articles on the topic from 2000-2021, making it a go-to source for staying current on AI ethics in business.

The research also found that the function of marketing has the most influential articles on AI ethics in business. This is not surprising given the increasing use of AI in marketing and advertising and the need for ethical considerations in these areas.

Our study also revealed an explosion of articles on AI ethics in business, which occurred in 2018. This is likely due to the increased use of consumer AI and a shift in perception of AI as a subject or agent rather than just a tool.

Furthermore, the study found that Davenport and Grewal from Babson College are the most influential authors on AI ethics in business, with a dominance of authors from US and EU institutions and almost no representation from China, Africa, and Latin America.

Overall, this research highlights the growing importance of AI ethics in business and provides valuable insights for those interested in the field. I hope you find it informative and thought-provoking.

The article can now be found online and will also be featured in the upcoming AI Ethics in Organizations Special Issue at:

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